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OC United is now So Cal Express!

OC United is not just a name, it was a mission to unite players and coaches in Orange County.  Timing is everything and although there was an immediate collaboration among many of the college coaches in the area, only some of the high school coaches were on board, and many of the county’s top players were still exiting Orange County to San Diego for their club experience.  Additionally, Victory (South Orange County) girls lacrosse started at the same time, and OC Crush (Central OC) started girls tournament teams shortly after.

After working separately for the first few years, it is now time for OC United, OC Crush and Victory to join together via So Cal Express!  This collaboration brings the three longest running Orange County girl’s club directors together to use our experience and best serve the Orange County girl’s lacrosse community.  Our goal is to continue to grow and cultivate the game, while also serving the top players in the county, and for the players who choose to play lacrosse in college, help them find the best fit.  We want to expel the myths about the college “recruiting” process and educate our families so they have the knowledge to make educated choices.  Lastly, while all club sports can be expensive, we want to provide the best value for what is being offered… Win-Win.

This is not the end of OC United, as much as it is a transition, to match it’s original mission, under a new name.  The same core, college, coaches from OC United have all made the jump to So Cal Express, and we have added more, quality, coaches as well.  We also look forward to having our home, practice location, in central OC be part of what helps “unite” everyone further.

We are so grateful to everyone who has supported OC UNITED over the past 5 years!  It has been amazing to see players from high school programs we have worked with go back and help their teams during their spring season.  We are also so proud to see some of our alumni playing in all levels of college (NCAA D I, DII, DIII, and Club).

Tryouts for So Cal Express will take place on Sunday August 26th.  For exact times and more information, go to https://www.socalexpresslax.com/socal-fall-winter-girls.

We look forward to seeing you there!