OC UNITED Lacrosse – Creating an environment for young female student-athletes to empower themselves!

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Started in 2015, OC UNITED Lacrosse is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization helping to strengthen the girl’s lacrosse community in, and around, Orange County.  OC UNITED is not just a name, but a mission, to bring more coaches and players together to help the game of girl’s lacrosse in our area to grow, sustain and thrive, by providing environments for individual players to empower themselves both on and off the field.   Our dual vision is to provide opportunities for development through teams, camps, clinics, leadership workshops, etc., and engage in civic activities to give back to our communities.  The results we are striving for include, but are not limited to, girls; continuing their education into college and if they choose to, be able to play lacrosse; inspired to be participatory citizens; encouraged to be inclusive and equitable in their thoughts and actions.

We have been able to serve over 120 players, from over 25 different high school programs, in our first two years of existence.  Approximately 20% of our families are on a full or partial scholarship and many others are on payment plans.  As we grow, we expect these numbers to increase, as we have found that many families have been discouraged in the past to participate with other organizations because of the cost.  Families on payment plans have gone out of their way to thank us for making this possible.  To be able to continue to offer payment plans, we will need to have enough money from other sources up front to pay for expenses such as tournaments that take advanced registration.  We will encourage participation through continued financial assistance, as finances should never be a reason for individuals not to play.  This is important, as through participating with OC UNITED, our intention is to have an exponential positive impact outside of our organization.

Our current coaching staff is comprised of current, or previous, NCAA and WCLA Head or Assistant coaches.  Several of our staff members have earned masters degree in areas like Education, Leadership Development, and Social Welfare.  As our staff grows, it is our intention to attract others with similar experiences and double impact goals of teaching life through lacrosse.

Contributions will help pay for all organizational costs including, but not limited to; scholarships, tournament fees, practice field rentals, uniforms, equipment, coaching, travel, lodging, healthy meals and snacks, etc.   Your help makes a difference, allowing us to offer more to players and their families, and continue to develop organizational programs and services for a lower cost, as we strive to be inclusive!

Your contribution is critical to the success of our organization and to the broader community.  In kind donations are equally valued!  To make a donation via check, contact us.  Upon receipt of a donation, we will send you a receipt with our federal tax identification number.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Thank you for your support!

Brian Eisenberg



Cell (714) 926 – 9816