Summer 2018 – Rosters coming soon!

Age Groups:  High School (Includes incoming freshman)

Serving Players from Orange County & Surrounding Areas

If you have questions about roster formation, please read the “Team Selection” information below…


The goal of OC UNITED Lacrosse is to collaborate with high level coaches in, and around, the Orange County area to provide a positive opportunity for girls lacrosse players beyond their high school season in which they will broaden their skills, lacrosse IQ, leadership skills, etc.  OC UNITED is committed to  1) growing the game,  2) developing players to be the best they can be, and 3) serving top level players.

OC UNITED strives to align teams by a variety of factors including (but not limited to); skill, athleticism, lax IQ (the ability to both understand the game and make quick choices on the field), commitment level to team practices and tournaments, commitment level to practicing on your own, short term and long term lacrosse related goals, grad year, attitude, work ethic, coach-ability (do you value coaches’ input, even if it is not what you want to hear at the time and can you implement instructions?), etc.

This summer we will be providing Regional (South West) opportunities.  While some teams may be close to being finalized (and players will be notified if this is the case) before our first practice, we will use the first 3 – 4 practices to finalize all teams to make sure we are placing everyone based on current information (not a tryout that took place before the spring season ended, or even began).

While it is a goal to have Grad Year National Level teams, our priority is to have the best National Team(s) possible, so we are not committed to having more than one National team or creating a National team to be grad year specific.  Our regional teams will be based mostly on grad year, but those also can included multiple grad years if we feel that is best.  We have an incredible coaching staff of both current, and former, college coaches to determine, and coach, the teams.


While we do not intend to make cuts, there is a minimum skill set / commitment level that we are looking for, even for our youngest or most inexperienced team.  Any of the factors above, combined, may not allow us to accommodate all registered players.   This level of play is targeted for (current or next season) Varsity level high school athletes.  If you are not sure that you meet the criteria to be one of our teams, contact us before registering and we will do our best to guide you.